Green Seedless (Loose)



Price per 400g


Most grapes we sell in our shop are seedless, we taste all the available grapes to us to ensure you get a nice sweet, juicy and crunchy grape.  Grapes are a favourite in our fruit bowl as they are great for snacking and always the first fruit to disappear.  Grapes will keep a few days draped over a fruit bowl but if you need them to last longer just pop them in the fridge to keep them at their best.

The combination of unique texture and sweet, tart flavour has made grapes an ever popular between-meal snack as well as a refreshing addition to both fruit and vegetable salads.  Like blueberries, grapes are often covered by a protective, whitish bloom. Grapes that are eaten as is or used in a recipe are called table grapes and as opposed to wine grapes (used in viniculture) or raisin grapes (used to make dried fruit).


At the top of the list in this area of research is resveratrol (a stilbene phytonutrient present mostly in grape skins, but also in grape seeds and grape flesh). Resveratrol has recently been shown to increase expression of three genes all related to longevity. (These three genes are SirT1s, Fox0s, and PBEFs.) Interestingly, some researchers have shown a parallel between activation of these longevity genes by resveratrol and activation by calorie-restricted diets. In aging and longevity research, our ability to get optimal nutrition for the fewest possible amount of calories is related to our longevity, and the more we can decrease our calories while staying optimally nourished, the better our chances of healthy aging and longevity.

A typical 100g portion of green seedless grapes contain 17g carbohydrate, 0.1g fat, 0.6g fibre, 0.6g protein and 73 calories.


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