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Like apples, to which they are related, pears come in thousands of varieties, of which only a small fraction are sold in the UK. Their fine, slightly granular flesh is much more fragile than apples and, unlike most fruit, they improve in flavour and texture after they’re picked.

Most pears are wider at the bottom than they are at the top, though a few varieties are more spherical in shape. They’re not as brightly coloured as apples, most having skins that range from dull bronze through to soft green, though you can also find red varieties such as Red William.

Packham’s is native to Australia, has a wide-bottomed shape and a smooth green skin that ripens to yellow, great tasting, juicy pears when fully ripened.


Packham Pears generally have a short stout shape with an irregular or bumpy surface.  The pale yellow outer skin conceals the sweet juicy flesh underneath. The texture of the flesh on a Packham Pear is firm, but softens on ripening.  It is a variety that is a pear crossed between a Yvedale Saint-Germain and a Bartlett pear. These refreshing fruits are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

A typical 100g portion contains 9.1g carbohydrate, 0g fat, 2.4g fibre and 54 calories.


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