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Since Green Bell peppers have seeds inside and come from flowering plants, they are actually fruits, not vegetables. Having originated from Mexico, and Central and South America, the Spanish and Portuguese explorers were instrumental in spreading cultivation when they introduced the bell pepper to different parts of the world during their voyages in the 16th and 17th centuries. However Peppers were not well suited to the climate in this part of the world so we were slow to adapt to them in our local cuisine. Despite the similarity in name, the bell pepper is not related to the plant that produces, black pepper. Although they are related to hot chillies, Bell Peppers (due to a natural gene mutation), do not contain capsaicin, the compound that provides the pungency and heat to the spicier varieties.

Green peppers are not as sweet as the more colourful ones but, always nice and crunchy!


Brightly coloured and sweet flavoured, peppers (also known as bell peppers) are a versatile vegetable that are eaten both raw and cooked and are used in many different cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Italian and French. A choice of different colours is available all peppers are originally green, and as they ripen and sweeten they turn red, orange or yellow. Peppers are sometimes skinned before using this can help to enhance their sweet flavour. To prepare peppers, cut in half and remove the seeds and bitter white pith, wash and dry then cut as required.

100g of raw pepper typically contains 32 calories, 0.4g fat, 6.4g carbohydrate, 1 g protein and 1.6g fibre.


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