Abernethy salted butter



Price per 125g


Abernethy butter is churned in County Down, the butter is made with love and care to ensure it is made the best. This is not a fast process, they use wooden butter paddles by hand to make the butter, which of course takes time. The cream used to make this butter is also a local dairy, ensuring they get the best quality and flavour in their product.

This product is 125g.

Per 100g portion this product contains 1.46g carbohydrate, 82.9g fat, 0.4g protein and 742 calories.


Abernethy salted butter is a fabulous local product from County Down. This fabulous butter is carefully handmade from local cream and lovingly churned before being patted into rolls, to give a luxurious creamy taste. Tastes great on even the simplest thing, fresh bread, toast or scones…..yum!


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