Kearney blue cheese



Price per 200g


This is a local product and is produced in County Down. Kearney Blue has always been made from the best quality Northern Irish pasteurised cows’ milk. It is round in shape, has a rustic texture and a blue- grey rind with creamy inside coloured with blue streaks and splodges. This delicious cheese has a fresh creamy and slightly salty finish.


A fine local cheese produced in County Down using the finest selected Northern Irish pasteurised cows. The milk used to produce this cheese is sourced from a small number of local farms, selected for the milk they produce, skills of the farmer and of course quality of the herd, to ensure you get a great product.

This award winning cheese has achieved Gold at the British Cheese Awards in 2012, Bronze in the Blue cheese category at the World Cheese Awards 2011 amongst others.


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