Cyprus Potatoes



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Cyprus potatoes are known worldwide as one of the most superior potatoes on the market although we here in Co-Down might like to dispute that. However when our local spuds are at the end of their season it is good to have the option of Cyprus potatoes which are quite distinctive in their red clay soil.

In both the Greek and Turkish sectors, the potatoes are grown in two seasons. The winter crop is planted in August/September and harvested in November/December. To be honest we haven’t paid much attention to this crop as the local spuds are at their best during this time.

The Spring (main) crop is planted between December and February and harvested from April to early June. This crop is what we are most familiar with just when our local potatoes are on the wane. How neat is that!

The Spring crop is available now with Spunta a long shaped creamy coloured flesh and Cara a drier whiter fleshed one.


As the name indicates, these potatoes are the native of the red soils of Cyprus. The earthy flavor of these potatoes has made them popular choice among the people living in the United Kingdom. Though used for different purposes from boiling to baking, these potatoes also come as a very good option for making chips.

The crispiness of Cyprus potatoes can seldom be matched by other varieties. These potatoes are also a great source of different nutrients and a serving of 100g contain 33% RDA vitamin C. It also provides with 11% RDA of magnesium along with a significant amount of Vitamin B6 for ensuring different health benefits.


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