Maris Piper Potatoes



Price per 2kg bag


Versatile Maris Piper potatoes, they really are balls of flour…. Lots of people would say you can only steam Maris Piper but that is simply untrue, I find the best way to cook these potatoes is to wash them, put them in a sauce pan, add cold water 1 table spoon of salt (I find it helps to bring out the flavour) then bring it up to the boil and simmer for approx 25 mins, when the potato skins start to split cook for a further 2 mins then take them off the heat and drain the water and leave them in the sauce pan to dry (approx 5 mins) then you will have the perfect potato each time.  Seriously dont be put off by people saying they will just go into mush, they will if on the boil too long. Alternatively steam for approx 25-30 mins 🙂


Maris Piper potatoes are one of our favourites, who can resist the hearty fullness provided by the humble potato!  The perfect combination or side to any dish, however you choose to cook!

A typical 100g of boiled potato contains 87 calories, 20g carbohydrate, 0.1g fat and 1.9g protein.


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