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Even though you can sprout seeds from any type of bean, the two most common types are mung bean and soybean sprouts. We have Mung Bean sprouts here to give you an easy way to boost the nutrition in your diet.  All sprouts are known to be very nutritious. This is because the sprout which has changed from a bean to a growing plant, has to contain everything the plant needs in a readily available concentrated form for it to grow into a large mature plant.


Pregnant women, children, the elderly and anyone with a weak immune system should not eat raw bean sprouts. Once purchased we advise using them quickly as they turn soggy within days.  If not using the bean sprouts on the day of purchase, rinse them in a colander under cold water, transfer them to a zip-top plastic bag lined with a paper towel, and refrigerate.  Try mixed a few bean sprouts through your stir-fry…..delicious!


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