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It is thought that sage is similar to Rosemary in its ability to improve brain function and memory and it is hoped that it can help in the search for new drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Many of us have a dislike of sage as our experience of it is from the fusty musty dried herb however if you can overcome your aversion and try the fresh leaf sage you will find this has a sweeter herby quality. Try fresh sage fried with pork fillet and cream or consider trying a pasta dish with it. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Fresh sage leaves are most sought after in cooking for their subtle aromatic flavour. Fresh leaves can be used in stuffing in season sausages, poultry and fish.  The herb is also used in many vegetable dishes, especially with beans.  It is also used as a garnish in herb salads.

To prepare wash in cold water to remove soil and sand. Gently pat dry using a soft cloth.  Sage is one of the common ingredients in Italian, Greek and Balkan cuisine.


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