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Ramiro the company named after these peppers has celebrated its twentieth anniversary and continues to be successful. In 1996 this variety started out with a trial of ten plants, now in 2017 the area of Ramiro seed plants covers more than twenty five acres in Northwest Europe.

Characteristic of Ramiro is not just the typical pointed shape and crunchy skin, but most especially the real sweet taste. Ramiro is suitable for use on the barbecue, in grilled and cooked dishes as well as raw in salads or simply as a snack. Ramiro guarantees a tasty Mediterranean flavour!

Within the pepper family, Ramiro stands out, with a very high content of vitamin C and Folic acid but also vitamins A and E. This variety proves that healthy and delicious go well together.


Ramiro peppers are pointed sweet peppers. They are a sweet variety of the common pepper, although slightly smaller and due to a higher sugar content their taste is sweeter than that of normal peppers. They have a longish pointed shape and exist in three different colours, red, yellow, green. Ideal for salads, grilled or as finger food.

A typical 100g portion contains 32 calories, 6.03g of carbs, 0.3g fat and 0.99g of protein.


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