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One of the most popular vegetables in the UK. Along with cauliflower and cabbage it is a member of the brassica family.  This popular vegetable can be served raw or cooked. Raw broccoli can be added to salads. Serve cooked broccoli as an accompanying vegetable it goes particularly well with chicken or fish dishes. Serve it simply steamed or dress with melted butter or olive oil and lemon juice. Broccoli can be added to stir-fry dishes and cooked florets make a tasty and colourful addition to pasta sauces or bakes.  It can be boiled, steamed or stir-fried. It is easy to overcook broccoli it’s beautiful vivid bright green colour turns to a dull greenish grey and it loses its crisp texture.This green vegetable is not just good to eat but is rich in nutrients and is also an excellent source of Vitamin K as well as vitamin A and C.

A 100g portion of this colourful vegetable provides 38 calories, 0.9g Fat, 4.6g carbohydrates, and 3.3g protein.


Broccoli originates from Italy, as you might have guessed from the sound of its name! It is from the cabbage family and forms its head at the top of the plant’s stalk which if left alone will blossom into a bunch of tiny tightly formed yellow flowers. But instead this crown gets whacked and packed off to us and so here we have it. Science has proved how good this vegetable is for us, one of the best green vegetables we can eat to keep us healthy.


If you are planning for a healthy diet, you need Broccoli.

Try to eat this vegetable at least once a week


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