Padrón Peppers



Price per 200g


Only about one in ten of the small green peppers from the Spanish municipality of Padrón, in Galicia, are wildly hot, while the rest are as mild as a green bell pepper. You’re discover a flavour unlike other peppers you will have cooked, they’re deliciously sweet and every once in a while, you’ll taste a spicy one which adds to their charm. The possibilities are as abundant, so now it’s time for you to show your creative side!


As with many Spanish ingredients, the best way to prepare Padrón peppers is with plenty of heat, plenty of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and not much else. Preparing them over a high heat produces a more intense peppery, pungent flavour.  Padrón peppers contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C and P, proteins, calcium and iron.  These peppers are also said to help with the digestive system, maintain good blood circulation, help reduce high blood pressure and promote healthy cholesterol!

A typical 100g portion contains 3.23g carbohydrate, 6.77g fat 1.69g protein and 85 calories.


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