Course Cut Irish Whiskey Marmalade



Price 300g


A locally produced course cut marmalade using lemon, orange and grapefruit and Irish whiskey, this product is a truly delicious accompaniment for toast, muffins or whatever else you have in mind.  It is prepared using 30g of fruit per 100g.


Cottage Pride is a local company in County Armagh for over 20 years. Margaret Brownlee was inspired by her late father, Thomas Lonsdale Brownlee who advised her to make preservative and additive free jams. By using the finest quality fruit sourced from local growers and recipes handed down through the generations, Margaret supplies her produce in the North and South of Ireland.  This Irish whiskey course cut marmalade taste sensation will be sure to liven up your toast or whatever you choose to enhance with this marmalade.

Once open keep refrigerated and use within four weeks of opening.

Per 100g a typical portion contains 56.2g carbohydrate, 0.1g fat, 0.3g protein and 229 calories.


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