Papas Sugar Free Ginger



Price 750ml bottle


This is a locally made Non-alcoholic drink with a kick. Made from a 100 year old recipe, Ginger is widely known to help with various ailments from morning sickness, nausea, heartburn and even a cold and flu all without the sugar content, so great if you are diabetic and love the flavour without the worry!


Papas Minerals is a local company which offers a range of 7 flavours –  Classic Sarsaparilla, Cloudy Lemonade, Clove,Original Ginger Wine, Spiced Winterberry,  Sugar Free Ginger. Traditional Elderflower,and Sugar Free Ginger.  Whichever flavour you choose you are sure to enjoy!

Enjoy whichever way suits you straight, pour over ice, dilute with hot  water, cold water or sparkling water; or use as a mixer with your favourite spirit.


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