Gourmet Sodabread Toasts (Cranberry & Hazelnut)



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This delicious Irish product is a sweet one. The sodabreads are baked twice, to make a crunchy fruit and nut sodabread crackers. Described as nutty, fruity & fabulous they are ideal for dipping and snacking, taste great with a creamy goats cheese or try with our homemade smooth chicken liver pâté, to contrast to sweet crunchy nutty flavour.


This product is produced by The Foods of Athenry, an Irish company (as you probably guessed from the name).  Established in 2004 a farming family faced an uncertain future in agriculture, combined with childhood health problems, this influenced a  lifelong  interest in the relationship of food vs health and set up a bakery business in which there was no room for any artificial food additives.

Best stored in a cool dry place. Once opened please store in an airtight container. To recrunch, heat for 5 minutes in a warm oven (150° C) and allow to cool before eating.  This product is Gluten free, wheat free, free from eggs and is suitable for vegetarians.

A typical 100g portion contains 35g carbohydrates, 7.75g fat, 2g fibre, 5g protein and 240 calories.


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