Bean Salad



Price per sml 8oz tub


Freshly prepared instore in our Deli, our bean salad is a popular item on our Deli counter.  This salad combines red kidney beans, cannellini beans and chick peas with celery and a few other ingredients making it a popular and handy dish to serve alongside a variety of other dishes or for picnics and barbecues for everyone to enjoy.


The combination of kidney beans, cannellini beans and chick peas means this tasty salad can help provide health benefits such as controlling blood sugars (so, helps those who are diabetic), lowers cholesterol, improves cognitive function, improves cardiovascular health, aid digestion, help with weight loss as well as providing fibre and protein.  So if you were looking for some good reasons to eat this tasty salad, you have them right there!


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