Garlic Stuffed Olives



Price per sml 8oz tub


Garlic stuffed olives are strong in flavour.  Garlic stuffed olives are green olives which are stuffed with a whole garlic clove once pitted, then preserved. The olives are high in sodium but they contain a number of health benefits: Garlic may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and olives are full of healthy monounsaturated fats- so they are good for your body as well as tasting delicious!  They are an excellent addition to a meal, with a glass of wine or as an appetizer.


Ever wondered the difference between green and black olives? Green olives are picked before ripening, and black olives are picked while ripe, (when the colour has turned from green to black). Raw and freshly picked olives are inedible because of their very strong bitter flavour, so both green and ripe varieties are cured.

Green olives have a stronger flavour and harder texture.


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