Roasting Veg



Price per 700g


When you roast vegetables, something amazing happens; they become so sweet and delicious. We cut ours chunky so that you get to taste the sweetness. Roasted veg are great as as a side vegetable with grilled meats or fish, or you could toss them with pasta, or even use them in a lasagne.

Perfect for an easy one dish meal if you add some baby potatoes cut in half and then some pork chops to roast off on top. Remember to season and coat all with olive oil or butter before putting in the oven 170ºC.


Our roasting veg comprises of carrots, red onion, coloured peppers, courgette and baby corn and provides of a colourful selection of veg to compliment any meal with the chunky cuts and sweet flavour, we do the hard work for you carefully selecting, preparing and packaging it all ready for use.


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