Vine Tomatoes



Price per 500g


Tomatoes generally ripen one or two at a time on the truss. However Vine tomatoes ripen all together and are marketed still attached to the fruiting stem which apart from looking very attractive keeps the tomatoes hydrated and plump.

The description vine tomatoes may be confused with the term vine-ripened tomatoes. The latter refers to any tomatoes which are picked when ripe, i.e. they ripen on the plant. This gives optimum flavour, but makes the fruit more perishable. All local tomatoes are vine-ripened as they have only a short distance to travel to us. Imported tomatoes are usually picked less ripe, to withstand the lengthy journey here by road or sea and firmer, long-life varieties are commonly used.


A typical 100g portion contains, 18 calories, 3.9g carbohydrate, 0.9g protein and 0.2g fat.


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