Coleslaw Cabbage



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Cabbage is often classed as a type of lettuce because they are similar in appearance but infact they are a part of the cruciferous veg family like kale and broccoli.  They are full off really beneficial nutrients and really support and improve a healthy diet.  Only 20 calories per half cup serving providing 47% of our daily vitamin C, 102% vitamin K, 8% of manganese, 6% of folate and smaller amounts of vitamin B-6, calcium, potassium and thiamine, it really should be high up on our shopping list.


Coleslaw cabbage, as the name suggests is used for homemade coleslaw.   Just add in some carrot, onion and mayonnaise to make a delicious accompaniment to a salad, sandwich or a variety of warm dishes such as lasagne.  This low calorie vegetable should be high up on our shopping lists.


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