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Asparagus cultivation began in Egypt more than 2,000 years ago for medicinal purposes. Its name was derived from the Persian term “asparag,” meaning “shoot.” An asparagus-based aphrodisiac from the same area was discovered in a 16th century love manual. Experts advised consuming it three days in a row for the most potent effect. English peasants called it “sparrow grass,” which morphed to “sperage” and later “sparagus.”


Asparagus are the young shoots of a cultivated lily plant. They’re considered to be one of the delicacies of the vegetable world and have a distinct, intense savoury flavour.  English Asparagus has the best reputation for flavour and is in season from mid April until Mid June. Asparagus packs a nutritional punch, with high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, iron and calcium. Good for heart health, cancer prevention and said to reduce cognitive decline.

To prepare is simply bend the spear until it snaps and throw the woody end away. If the ends still feel tough, you can pare away the exterior to reveal the more tender flesh beneath. You can Boil (3-5mins), steam (4-5mins), roast or grill ( brush with oil, sprinkle with sea salt, 15mins).

A typical 100g portion of asparagus contains 2g carbohydrates, 0.4g fat, 2.1g fibre, 2.9g protein and all for a low 18 calories.


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