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Commonly known as Zucchini. Courgettes are a type of squash related to pumpkins and melons.

Courgettes do not need peeled and are easy and quick to slice and cook. However boiling is not recommended, steaming is ok , but best of all is stir fried or grilled. To grill cut long slices about 8cm thick, brush with melted butter and grill on each side until toasty.


Courgettes are a member of the squash family with tender flesh and seeds and soft edible skin.  Courgettes can be eaten raw or cooked.  Finely chopped or grates, raw courgette and carrot can be mixed together and drizzled with French dressing to make a classic simple salad.  Cooked they can also be included in risottos, pasta sauces and vegetable bakes and are the main ingredient in ratatouille.  Wash and top and tail, they do not need peeled, slice or cut into even- sized chunks.  A 100g portion of boiled courgette typically contains 19 calories, 0.4grams of fat, 2g carbohydrate, 2g protein and 1.2g of fibre.


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