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Cardiovascular Benefits of Carrots

Given their antioxidant richness, it’s not surprising to find numerous research studies documenting the cardiovascular benefits of carrots. Our cardiovascular system needs constant protection from antioxidant damage. This is particularly true of our arteries, which are responsible for carrying highly oxygenated blood.

A recent study from the Netherlands, in which participants were followed for a period of 10 years, has given us some fascinating new information about carrots and our risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). In this study, intake of fruits and vegetables was categorized by color. The researchers focused on four color categories: green, orange/yellow, red/purple, and white. Out of these four categories, orange/yellow (and in particular, foods with deeper shades of orange and yellow) was determined to be the most protective against CVD. Within this dark orange/yellow food group, carrots were determined to be the single most risk-reducing food. Participants who had the least carrot intake had the least amount of CVD risk reduction, even though they still received risk-reducing benefits from their carrot intake. However, participants who ate at least 25 more grams of carrots (with 25 grams being less than one-quarter of a cup) had a significantly lower risk of CVD. And the groups of participants who ate 50- or 75-grams more had an even more greatly reduced risk of CVD! We’re not sure how any study could better demonstrate how easy it can be to lower CVD risk by making a food like carrot part of the everyday diet.

Antioxidant nutrients in carrots are believed to explain many of the cardioprotective benefits provided by these root vegetables. The many different kinds of carrot antioxidants are most likely to work together and provide us with cardiovascular benefits that we could not obtain from any of these antioxidants alone if they were split apart and consumed individually, in isolation from each other. The synergistic effect of carrot antioxidants is a great example of a whole food and its uniqueness as a source of nourishment.

A 100g portion of cooked carrots typically contain 24 calories, 4.9g carbohydrate, 0.4g fat, 0.6g protein.


Did you know Carrots were originally eaten as a medicine!

When in season we source our carrots from local farms about 4 miles from us. This is one of the most versatile, reasonably priced and popular vegetables in the UK. Dirty carrots are longer lasting than pre-washed carrots with less handling the carrots can hold on to their nutrient content. Carrots straight from these farms with the dirt still on always taste best. You’ll notice that they smell better too.

Carrots being a root crop grown under the ground will keep for weeks with a little TLC.  Simply wrap in several layers of damp newspaper and leave somewhere dark and cool, keeping the paper damp. They’ll stay firm and crisp.


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