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Pak Choi is a leafy vegetable that originated from south China about 5th century BC. A member of the cabbage family we know so well in this part of the world. Nutritionally, Pak choi is loaded with cancer-fighting properties and a host of other health benefits, It is a milder tasting variety of cabbage that boasts the highest concentration of folate. It is appreciated for its versatility as the whole plant is edible providing a juicy crunch in a salad. It is usually steamed or stir fried.

If the Choi is 4-6 ins big it can be washed and stir fried whole but if it is bigger than this, the leaves and stalks should be chopped and added separately, since the stalks take longer to cook. Just as with our cabbage, it shrinks down quite a bit as it cooks.


These leafy greens are a popular Chinese vegetable from the cabbage family. Pak choi has paddle-shaped dark green crisp and crunchy leaves with a thick creamy stalk and a mild flavour.  Pak choi is served cooked and both the leaves and stalk can be eaten. It can be served as an accompanying vegetable or included in vegetable, meat or fish stir-fries. To prepare wash thoroughly and trim the stalk and slice it into slightly smaller pieces. If stir-frying pak choi trim the leaves into even-sized pieces. A 100g portion of pak choi, boiled, typically contains 12 calories, 0.2g fat, 1.4g carbohydrate, 1g protein and 1.2g fibre.


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