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Our cabbages are all grown locally most of the time.  Fresh, sweet, healthy and economical.

But did you know that cabbage was one of two vegetable types (the other type was root vegetables) found to be a mainstay for prevention of type 2 diabetes in a recent study of over 57,000 adults in Denmark? In this very large-scale study, researchers have now identified nearly 20 different flavonoids and 15 different phenols in cabbage. This impressive list is one key reason why an increasing number of studies link cabbage intake to decreased risk of several cardiovascular diseases as well as Diabetes. Long-established in health research is the role of cabbage juice in helping heal stomach ulcers, but more recent studies on cabbage have looked at the overall health benefits of this food for the stomach and digestive tract as a whole. There is a lot of good going on in a simple serving of Cabbage.


If you have problems with heart burn a juice using apple, cabbage and lime, to help ease the discomfort


Green Cabbage is one of the most popular types of cabbage.  Green cabbage is served cooked.  Served as a side dish or included in a stir-fry.  Preparation is straightforward, remove any damaged outer leaves and cut the cabbage into quarters, remove the hard core from each quarter at an angle, slice, wash and cook.  A 100g portion boiled contains 16 calories, 0.4g fat, 1g protein and 1.8 grams of fibre.


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