Sugar Snap Peas



Price per 150g


Unlike our seasonal peas-in-a-pod when we focus on the peas inside Sugarsnap peas do not need podded. Eat the pod and the peas. Sweet, crunchy, and delicious raw or cooked (or pickled or roasted!), they are one of the most wonderful foods.


Don’t overcook these delicate vegetables — doing so turns them soggy and causes the pods to split open. To Prepare, rinse them under cold water, then slice off the tops and tails with a sharp knife if not already trimmed. If you wish you can shred them into strips with a knife. They are then ready to eat as-is, serve in a salad or cook in a stir fry.

A typical 100g portion contains 38 calories, 4.8g  carbohydrate and 3.4g fat.


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