One of our more popular products from our chilled cabinet is our stuffing. We all tend to cook from habit and use the stuffing for a roast chicken or the odd pork fillet but some of our customers have had a few interesting ideas which would be nice to pass on.

Soooo – h how’s about taking a small casserole or pyrex dish and sprinkling a little stuffing on the bottom then lay on 2,3,4 whatever suits, nice fresh chicken fillets (I prefer to get mine from a butcher I know as I’m happier eating N I chicken only) anyway on top of the chicken scatter over a good inch or more of stuffing and pop in the oven for about 1 ¼ Hours at 160 c. This makes a very filling Roast Chicken Dinner, and if there is any left when it’s cold cut into slices for lunches or salad. When I do this at home I like to dot some extra butter over the top and rake it with a fork while it is cooking so as I end up with a crispy crumb top but that’s just my way . Incidentally if the stuffing is getting brown on top too quickly just cover with a piece of foil until the chicken is cooked through – to check slice into the middle of the chicken pull open and take a peek.

OR – Beat up an egg add a nice shake of pepper and with a fork work in the stuffing to make it stick together use this for stuffed bacon rolls or stuffed sausages, split the sausages press in the stuffing and wrap the bacon round. Bake in the oven 170 c about an hour. If you don’t need all the mix that you’ve made try rolling it into balls and freezing to cook another time when you fancy something savory without any hassle. And then of course it’s easy to flavour our plain stuffing with herbs. I’m keen on thyme but just a little.

I also use it for a recipe I picked up at weightwatchers. Gary our fishman would get me a nice thick piece of cod. Which gets spread over with wholegrain mustard and then the stuffing with extra parsley and grated cheese stirred in is patted on and all gets baked in the oven. This is a favourite of mine.

I’m keen on this recipe because I like parsley – supposedly it’s a superb multivitamin herb and good for iron, a Superfood!

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