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The good old lime… When i ask people what do you do with limes i frequently get told, ‘we use them to garnish our alcohol beverages, making cocktails like mojitos, margaritas or Tequila as a lemon substitute ??  But seriously, limes are a fantastic fruit and can be used in so many savory and dessert recipes.  Try adding 1 freshly squeezed lime to a beef stir fry or simply drizzle it over any fish dish.  Another use is their ability to deodorise other strong flavoured ingredients, have you ever tried to remove the garlic smell after chopping garlic? Impossible? Try washing your hands with lime juice and you will be pleasantly surprised.  Limes are more round in shape and smaller than lemons, with a bright green, fairly smooth skin, limes are a highly aromatic fruit.


A ripe lime is bright green and for maximum freshness are best stored in a fridge. Once they turn yellow, they are overdue.  When using limes allow them to sit at room temperature for optimal taste.  If stored somewhere with too much humidity, mould will begin to form on the lime, brown spots on the lime indicate dehydration and too much exposure to light causes them to yellow.  Limes, just like lemons are great to juice and use to prevent a fruit salad from browning.

A 100g portion typically contains 11g carbohydrate, 0.2g fat, 0.7g protein and all for just 30 calories!!


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