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Mango tastes rich and fresh with a hint of spice and exotic.  In addition to sumptuous tropical flavor, mango delivers a host of nutrients and make healthy eating a delightful sensory experience. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that healthy adults consume 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (based on a daily consumption of 1,200 to 3,200 total calories). That’s where mangoes come in! The versatile mango is available year round and adds delicious flavor to a balanced diet.


Mango is delicious to eat as is. They can transform a simple fruit salad into an exotic one, or can be mashed for use in sorbet or ice cream. Mango tastes great with smoked meat or chicken or for an alternative side dish for curries. Ripe mango can be mixed with chilli peppers for a delicious salsa. They are also perfect for juices and smoothies or for topping some yoghurt.

A typical 100g serving of mango contains 14.1g carbohydrate, 0.2g fat, 2.6g fibre and 66.2 calories!


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