Snowball Melon (Lrg)



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This is a new type of melon and originates in Japan and Korea and is also referred to as ‘dinosaur eggs’.  The snowball melon is small to medium sized with pale cream (sometimes with a yellow tint) skin which will sometimes have green stripes on it.  The skin is very smooth, in fact its that smooth you might feel tempted to bite into it straight away but its much better cut up and eating only the inside.  It is sweeter and juicier than the good old honeydew melon.  The season is very short so if you see this melon for sale its a must have.


Like other varieties of melon, snowball melon comes with health benefits too, it is high in potassium so it helps regulate blood pressure, its good for your cardiovascular health, it’s high in vitamin C, so helps keep your eyes healthy and is nourishing for your skin.  Snowball melon should be prepared the same as other melons, removing the seeds inside and eating the juicy flesh but not the skin!  A typical 100g portion contains 7.3g carbohydrate, 0.1g fat, 0.6g fibre, 0.6g protein and 31 calories.


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