Flat Leaf Parsley



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Parsley is a super multivitamin herb no kitchen should be without. It can be used as a garnish and flavouring. Both Flat leaf Parsley and Curly Parsley can be used for the same purpose although when flat leaf parsley is younger it is stronger in taste than when it matures, and the opposite is true of curly parsley, it starts out being milder but is stronger in maturity.

When many of us simply don’t eat enough green veg – even though we try to, Parsley can be a useful shortcut to improving our balance of greens as it is super packed with all the right stuff, vitamins A C E & K plus minerals. Apparently 50g of fresh parsley contains our full daily requirement of vitamin C. Try using finely chopped parsley in your meals, in mashed potatoes, sprinkled over veggies and stirred into sauces or even in a sandwich. Friends and family will think you are trying to make food look pretty but we will know you are thinking #HEALTHY!


Parsley is the most commonly used herb in European and American cooking. The herb is a small plant featuring dark-green leaves that resemble coriander leaves. However, its leaves are larger by size and milder in flavour than that of leaf-coriander.   To prepare, wash before use.  Finely chop before adding to dishes.

A typical 100g portion contains 36 calories, 6.33g carbohydrate, 0.8g fat and 2.97g protein.


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