Crispy Onions



Price per 80g


These crispy onions are made in Coleraine by Scotts.  The onions are a freshly sliced, coated in seasoned flour and cooked in rapeseed oil.  They are the perfect compliment to any meal and can also be eaten as a snack.


Scotts are a company in Coleraine, this is where these crispy onions are handmade, from the peeling and slicing of the onion right through to the application of the sleeve, to ensure every packet is made with love and care! Scotts pride themselves on the fact that every packet is restaurant quality and is of a consistently high standard. They are made fresh every day making sure that they are crispy, full of flavour and ultimately delicious.  These onions are ready to eat or can be heated for 1-2 minutes in the oven to enjoy alongside a meal!


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