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For thousands of years, garlic was believed to have medicinal properties. Now we have the science to confirm it but the science is complicated because garlic does not give its health benefits all at once and these benefits differ depending on whether it is raw or cooked. Never the less we like to cook with it and enjoy the flavour.

Garlic Pink garlic is generally one of the strongest flavoured varieties, its spicy, strong flavour is perfect in any form of cooking where a big garlic flavour is required. The Pink Garlic usually has its outer skin skilfully removed to enhance its pinky appearance and its roots trimmed for presentation.

Violet Garlic (sometimes called Purple Garlic) is the earliest of the French Garlic varieties to emerge in the early Summer months. Usually available here from mid-July, the Violet Garlic can have large heads with a great garlic flavour and hints of sweetness. A favourite for roasting due to its good size, the garlic will usually remain edible until the following February or March.

French white garlic tends to remain edible until the following spring after its harvest in the previous July. A great general purpose French garlic.

There are two types of garlic: hard neck and soft neck. Hard necks have a rigid stalk and grow  better in very cold conditions. Some swear by their superior flavour, but all agree they do not keep as well as soft necks.

Soft necks have a flexible stalk that can be plaited, and the bulbs have white papery skin and many cloves that often form several layers around the core. They last longer and tend to have a stronger flavour than the hard necks.


A member of the onion and leek family, garlic is one of the most commonly used ingredients worldwide with a distinctive aroma.  Fresh garlic is harvested, dried and available all year.  The bulbs consist of individual cloves, which are wrapped in the fine papery skin.  Garlic can be eaten cooked or raw and added a kick to many dressings, sauces or dips.  Raw garlic is great for making garlic butter for topped cooked meat or fish or even a simple garlic bread.  It adds wonderful flavour to many savoury dishes such as curries, soups and casseroles.

A typical 100g portion of garlic contains, 149 calories, 33g carbohydrate, 0.5g fat and 6.4g protein.


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